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        Division I successfully passed SAJ50type anti-falling safety device of construction hoist type test
        Date:2012-5-28    Views:3089
        In the spirit of constantly updated products, improve product quality and expand the range of products in Division I, in 2012June formally adopted SAJ50-2.0anti-falling safety device type test, obtains type test certificate, in recent years, with the construction of the increasing of the height, height of large construction elevator demand in the constantly increasing, and the current domestic production of a common motor and mechanical drive type construction elevator, the electrical lift due to its control way is through the contactor to control speed, brake, and single impact, occupant discomfort and other shortcomings, can not meet the high-level, high-rise building projects. The key problem is the use of reaching a height of about 200m and operating speed is at 34~ 38m / min, greatly influence the construction speed, but also affects the construction benefit of enterprises. Therefore, super high speed elevator request has arrived to be not solve cannot when. High speed frequency conversion elevator construction is a development trend of future.

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